Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simple Drawer Making - A How To Video

I was making some drawers the other day for a couple of vanities when I got the idea to make a video on how I build my easy - simple drawers in my woodworking shop. This method doesn't use and complicated joinery or any specialized tools. If you have every feared making drawers like I once did then try this route and you should be able to take drawers on easily. Thank you all for watching!


Jeff Branch said...

Saw your video via the facebook woodworking group. Just wanted to say hello.

Trip said...

Jeff, thanks for stopping by! What a very nice and proffesional looking blog you have. You also look like your pretty fluent with Sketchup too. Nie to see someone from Alabama, I have done some contracting work in a mine quarry in Alabaster I believe it was a while back.

Unknown said...

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