Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simple Drawer Making - A How To Video

I was making some drawers the other day for a couple of vanities when I got the idea to make a video on how I build my easy - simple drawers in my woodworking shop. This method doesn't use and complicated joinery or any specialized tools. If you have every feared making drawers like I once did then try this route and you should be able to take drawers on easily. Thank you all for watching!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tool Review - Hitachi 2" Brad Nailer

Here is a quick review of my Hitachi 2" Brad Nailer, NT 50AE2. Figured I would try a tool review video and see how it turned out, overall I think it went pretty well.

If anyone has spotted any other tools in my videos that they would like to see a review done on just let me know, I'd be happy to do another.

Monday, February 7, 2011

How to build a Lumber Rack Video- Better than free plans!

I definately needed a lumber rack in my new small shop so I got to looking around the internet at other people's ideas and builds and most of them seemed pretty complicated or they protruded out from the wall to much for my small shop.

I came up with a simple but strong design that doesn't force you to sacrifice space nor does it take alot of tools, materials, or complicated jointery to build. In my small shop I am trying to put alot of things on wheels and this lumber rack is not built all the way to the floor so that I can roll tools underneathe it.

So take some time to watch this video and build yourself a great lumber rack.

I do consider this a meduim duty lumber rack but you could easily add two more uprights with supports between these making them 16" on center rather than my 32" on center. This would add alot of extra strength is you decided to load it up excessively.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Shop Pt. 2 Moved In

This past week I have been working hard and I have most of my tools moved into my new shop space, it's so exciting! First I insulated the walls then put 1/2" plywood up. After that I painted the plywood white with a eggshell latex paint which really made the shop brighter and appear larger after two coats (I still have some touching up to do, but I wanted to get my tools in there).







It feels so good to get my tools in there!

The next few things I am working on are my french cleat system and my lumber rack. I am putting french cleats where ever I can and hanging whatever I can on them. This way everything in my shop can be moved around without much trouble with the only things being permanent on the wall are the lumber rack and the ladder to the attic. You can see where I have already hung a small cabinet and a clamps on my french cleats. The clamps had no where to hang and were taking up valuable space rght off so I made up a quick holder for them. Also, I needed a place to put some fasteners so I made up the small cabinet to hold my hardware.

My lumber rack will be located above the jointer and my unfinished router table. I am making it out of 2x4's and 1/2" plywood, it is pretty simple but should do the job nicely.

Moving into my new shop I will be building lots of new shop furniture and jigs, most of which I will try to make videos on. This afternoon I hope to be able to complete my lumber rack and have a tutorial video made and uploaded by Wednesday. I already have all of the parts cut for the rack I just have to get to videoing!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Shop! Pt. 1

I am loading up my shop and moving it to a new home! Well, not yet, but I am getting close!

I have decided to move my shop to my home, since I have had a break-in and having a shop at home would be so nice (having to drive 20 minutes to my shop makes me spend less time there). The plan is to moving into a bay of our "boat barn", it is a larger garage if you will that is approximately 30'x60' and has a two boats, fourwheelers, a golf cart and a bunch of my step father's junk, yes, most of it is junk. Sadly I couldn't convince him to give me the whole thing, so I settled with one bay of it a 13.5'x25' section.

As you can see, it is pretty full. Most of the barn is this way, I think my stepdad is a mild hoarder..... alot of the stuff is... well I won't go there. I got him in there with me Sunday afternoon and consolidated all of the things into the other parts of the barn. Our agreement was that I could get 100% of his stuff out of that bay and have only my things over there. It took us probably a good hour to move it all, when we were done it was looking good.

My plans are to close it off completely from the rest of the barn with a nice wall. I want to insulate it, hang 1/2" plywood all along the walls, paint it white, then move all my tools in and build something! More to come!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

How to build Cornhole Boards- A video Tutorial

Here is my video on how to make a nice set of cornhole boards. Everything is up to the tournament standards and these thing look nice. Not just some plywood and 2x4's.
Anyone can build these with just a few simple tools.

The pocket hole screws were my preferred method although you could simply screw from the outside of the 1x4 into the plywood deck, predrilling and glueing would be recommended. Nails would probably work in place of screws but I would be sure and put plenty of both nails and glue.

I hope you all enjoy!