Monday, March 30, 2009

Building a Computer Desk

I consider myself a decent carpenter. I have built all type of things out of wood from decks, houses, boats and furniture. For a while now I have been day dreaming about build myself a nice big computer desk with plenty of shelves for all of my books and other junk. This past weekend I decided it was time to put all my thoughts to work and build the desk.

The desk needed to be cheap but good looking. I chose to build it out of 1" pine lumber because it is the cheaper lumber, soft and easy to work with, and looks pretty good. I plan on painting the desk a light color so I am not concerned about buying expensive wood with beautiful wood grains running through it. Pine is just fine!

So my work began and in about 4 hours I had my basic structure up, no problem.

There is still alot to be done but it is coming along nicely and was pretty simple.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just got back froma cruise!

March the 7th my girlfriend and I went on a 5 night Royal Caribbean Cruise Line cruise and had a wonderful time. We went to Cozumel and Costa Maya, both of which are in Mexico. The weather was warm and beautiful, just a little windy, to bad we didn't get to go sailing.

One of my favorite things about the cruise was the food! Each night, we went to the captain's dinner and had gourmet meals, things like: duck, escargo, lamb, lobster, pastas, exotic fish and excellent desserts. The best part was that you could order as much as you liked. So usually, I would order two or three appetizers, two or three main courses and some sugar free ice cream for desert. The platters were a bit small so any grown man would need more than one.