Monday, February 13, 2012

Installing a Router Plate in a Router Table

Since I did a video on my Mobile Router Table one of my Youtube subscribers asked me to do a video showing how I cut the hole for the router plate to sit down into. Have look and see how it's done!

The router plate I used is a Kreg Precision Plate and it's probably one of the best router plates out there for the best price, alot of positive reviews on it. Any other router plate would install basically the same way though.

Details on the Leveling Screws-
To install the leveling screws, just drill a hole a little smaller in diameter than the bolt itself and then carefully thread the bolt into the hole. The threads of the bolt should grab onto the wood and hold fairly well, if it goes out of wack it's simple to adjust later. Any size screw will do, I just used some spare ones's I have laying around.

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J said...

Thanks for this video. I'm about to build a simple bench top router table and this is a great help.

Trip said...

You bet J! Good luck with your table.

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Leslie Lim said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

I had a couple questions today. The first was "where do I find the tapered sanding blade for the table saw. Ulysses Shireman

Tom Bradly said...

Great tutorial - thanks for sharing! I was having troubles installing the newly bought router plate to the table and saw this! Worked perfectly for me!

sarah lee said...

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