Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Door Frame Rot Repair

My future father-in-law's back door was starting to rot at the bottom and he asked me about it. He said he wanted to know if he needed a whole new door.  I told him I could just patch it up with some epoxy putty and he looked at me a little funny. Once the job was done, he was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and he was surely glad he didn't have to buy a new door.

I made a video on the method I used, maybe you could use it too!


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Tim said...

I love seeing the ants escaping from behind the molding. The moisture that's there is probably attracting them and causing unseen damage.

Trip said...

+Tim, not sure where you are seeing the "ants" but there were not any ant present and the wood was completely dry and free of moisture.
The repair is still holding strong today as it is at my father-in-law's house and I see it regularly.

Shanele Lacson said...

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regnel smith said...

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Bethany Parker said...

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I told him I could just patch it up with some epoxy putty and he looked at me a little funny. Once the job was done, he was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and he was surely glad he didn't have to buy a new door. garage door repair

Kimberly Williamson said...

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