Monday, February 7, 2011

How to build a Lumber Rack Video- Better than free plans!

I definately needed a lumber rack in my new small shop so I got to looking around the internet at other people's ideas and builds and most of them seemed pretty complicated or they protruded out from the wall to much for my small shop.

I came up with a simple but strong design that doesn't force you to sacrifice space nor does it take alot of tools, materials, or complicated jointery to build. In my small shop I am trying to put alot of things on wheels and this lumber rack is not built all the way to the floor so that I can roll tools underneathe it.

So take some time to watch this video and build yourself a great lumber rack.

I do consider this a meduim duty lumber rack but you could easily add two more uprights with supports between these making them 16" on center rather than my 32" on center. This would add alot of extra strength is you decided to load it up excessively.


Midge said...

Nice work! I just built a similar one based off The Wood Whisperer's video. Now with hindsight I would have done the same as you with the plywood braces and not gone all the way out to the edge with them like Marc did.

Trip said...

Midge, I have seen Marc's video, it is definately a good one. I to thought the plywod going all the way out was a bit overboard. But you know, "there is more than one wa to skin a cat".

Tom Bradly said...

Thanks for sharing this woodworking video - it is really helpful! I have bookmarked this for future reference as well. I might find it useful in the future, who knows?

Unknown said...

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