Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Sparkie said...

Trip, you do really good videos and assume you do your own editing. Keep them coming please.

I would like it if you would put a mic on yourself so I could hear you better. Better sound would match the quality of your videos. Many times it sounds like you are talking a a drum because of the size of your workshop. Curtis Judd has a good video on good quality sound here

Here is a site that as a some good deals on mics.

If you don't have a place to plug in a mic to your camera you can get a Zoom H1 or H2 which Curtis talks about the Zoom H1. I have a Zoom H2 and you can record directly on to the zoom and replace the sound in post production.

This would take your videos to the next level for sure.

Also, What Kind of Saw and Fence do you use? I have my dad's old Craftsman 10" table saw and the fence is worn out and they don't offer replacement parts for the fence any more.

All The Best in 2012

Sparkie Waller
Quinton Alabama

Trip said...

Thanks for the comment Sparkie! I am glad you enjoy my videos, I do do my own editing on my computer at home.

I to would like to have a external mic, but y camera isn't compatable with one. I have a Zoom that I use for music and playing guitar and such but I haven't thought to use it for my videos. I may give it a shot! Thanks for the links though.

My table saw is the Grizzly 1023SL and it has the stock Grizzly fence on it that I wasn't sure about before I bought it but I am very happy with it and Im glad I didn't spend an extra $300 or so bucks to get a higher quality one, that on is just fine.

I recomend Grizzly for their truly great tools and their fair pricing. Check them out at

Sparkie said...

edEver nsingreHey Trip, Just wanted you to know my wife Nancy, son Nathan and I are all going to the Jimmy Buffet concert in Birmingham on Saturday in Birmingham. Nancy is a BIG FAN and I just like his music. I know you do too!

Sparkie Waller

Trip said...

I am DEFINATELY jealous! I bet you guys had a spectacular time last night!

Sparkie Waller said...

Here are the Facebook and Photobucket links for the cabinet shop photos.

or Photobucket:

I can't post them on YouTube.

Gentry said...

Thank you for the informative videos. One question though. On the video where you explain the cabinet assembly I noticed you used pocket hole joinery in the to kick area but I couldn't see it used for the inside of the cabinet. Did you use a Kreg jig? How do you like it? I have one and find it does not keep the joints square.

Trip said...

THanks for the comment Gentry! I love the Kreg Jig, it works wonderfully and really makes joinery a simple task in the shop. I don't think I used pocketholes for the inside of the cabinet, I believe I just notched the cabinet frames out for the 3/4" material and then screwed through it into the frame pieces. It worked well.