Sunday, June 28, 2009

Working on my shop!

I have been putting in alot of effort improving my shop lately. I bought a shop vac that was on sale (50% off so it was $40) and cleaned up alot of sawdust that had been sitting in my woodworking shop for over a year.

I have been looking alot lately at power tools and shop equipment. I have decided to go ahead and start investing in some high quality tools that will serve me for a long time. I want some nice woodworking tools and I figure if I am going to buy some I may as well by some high quality stuff.

My first big purchase will probably be a hybrid or cabinet style table saw. I need a good table saw because the one I have now is my stepfather's and it was probably $120 dollars or something like that. It is a good saw but just not up to the amount of work I want to thow at it.

I am also looking at buying the Festool plunge saw kit with the guide rail for cutting plywood and the like. It is $500 but every review that I read, the people say that it was probably their best investment. Sounds like a good tool for me!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trying to repair a flat tar roof.

I have a small shop that I do some woodworking in that has a very old (30+ years) flat tar roof. Of course, it has a few leaks which are definately not a good thing in a carpentry shop. I can't have very many expensive tools in there becuase they could get wet and ruined. I can't store much lumber in there because of moisture the possibility of them getting wet and ruining also.

I have been reading up on the subject online and it seems that repairing a flat tar roof isn't garanteed to stop the roof from leaking. On the sites I looked at, it was suggested that it is more cost effective to replace the roof than to repair the leaks. Because, repairing the leaks doesn't always work so you will probably end up replacing the roof entirely anyways. We will see....

So I am off to Lowe's to get some tar and see what I can do. I have never done it before but it can't be to hard to spread some tar around. Maybe I can do a little better than that though.