Monday, March 30, 2009

Building a Computer Desk

I consider myself a decent carpenter. I have built all type of things out of wood from decks, houses, boats and furniture. For a while now I have been day dreaming about build myself a nice big computer desk with plenty of shelves for all of my books and other junk. This past weekend I decided it was time to put all my thoughts to work and build the desk.

The desk needed to be cheap but good looking. I chose to build it out of 1" pine lumber because it is the cheaper lumber, soft and easy to work with, and looks pretty good. I plan on painting the desk a light color so I am not concerned about buying expensive wood with beautiful wood grains running through it. Pine is just fine!

So my work began and in about 4 hours I had my basic structure up, no problem.

There is still alot to be done but it is coming along nicely and was pretty simple.

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