Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Shop! Pt. 1

I am loading up my shop and moving it to a new home! Well, not yet, but I am getting close!

I have decided to move my shop to my home, since I have had a break-in and having a shop at home would be so nice (having to drive 20 minutes to my shop makes me spend less time there). The plan is to moving into a bay of our "boat barn", it is a larger garage if you will that is approximately 30'x60' and has a two boats, fourwheelers, a golf cart and a bunch of my step father's junk, yes, most of it is junk. Sadly I couldn't convince him to give me the whole thing, so I settled with one bay of it a 13.5'x25' section.

As you can see, it is pretty full. Most of the barn is this way, I think my stepdad is a mild hoarder..... alot of the stuff is... well I won't go there. I got him in there with me Sunday afternoon and consolidated all of the things into the other parts of the barn. Our agreement was that I could get 100% of his stuff out of that bay and have only my things over there. It took us probably a good hour to move it all, when we were done it was looking good.

My plans are to close it off completely from the rest of the barn with a nice wall. I want to insulate it, hang 1/2" plywood all along the walls, paint it white, then move all my tools in and build something! More to come!

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