Monday, February 13, 2012

Installing a Router Plate in a Router Table

Since I did a video on my Mobile Router Table one of my Youtube subscribers asked me to do a video showing how I cut the hole for the router plate to sit down into. Have look and see how it's done!

The router plate I used is a Kreg Precision Plate and it's probably one of the best router plates out there for the best price, alot of positive reviews on it. Any other router plate would install basically the same way though.

Details on the Leveling Screws-
To install the leveling screws, just drill a hole a little smaller in diameter than the bolt itself and then carefully thread the bolt into the hole. The threads of the bolt should grab onto the wood and hold fairly well, if it goes out of wack it's simple to adjust later. Any size screw will do, I just used some spare ones's I have laying around.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Drawer Storage Unit in my Woodworking Shop

I had one of my Youtube subscribers request that I do a video on my drawer storage unit that he spotted in one of my other videos. I was happy to do the video for him and it turned out well and gave me an idea or two for future videos!

This thing is great for storage and I like the small, shallow drawers the best because it seems like it's the small stuff that gets layed down everywhere in the shop where you can't find them when you need it. Well, the small drawers give you a place to put this suff.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Mobile Router Table Video

I had one of my Youtube subscribers request that I make a video about my mobile router table that he spotted in my shop tour video. It's a simple video but it gets the basics across for this easy to build router table.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Garage Shelving Unit

I have been working a lot lately trying to straighten up our garage. When I first started there was quite a bit of clutter everywhere, slowly but surely I have been getting things in order and throwing out quite a bit of "trash" that my stepfather had collected over the years. One thing that was posing a problem is that there were not any small, shallow shelves to store spray paint, oils, and other liquids, mostly we have shelves that are about 2' deep which is way to deep and causes you to loose things easily.

I saved some scrap lumber from a remodeling job that I was working on last week figuring it would be perfect for some shelves. I was right, these shelves didn't cost me anything but time and I have enough scrap to make a least 2 more units.

Have a look!

This was an easy project that anyone should be able to pull off in an afternoon or even an hour. Be sure to check out my other videos. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to let me know.