Saturday, January 30, 2010

Follow Here!

Following a blog is a great way to keep up with blogs that you are interested in and it's easy! Following lets the author of the blog know you are a fan and you also get notified when a blog you are following makes a new post.

It is simple to follow my blog if you have a Google account, simply look in the right column and find the "Followers" widget and click follow and your done!

If you do not have a Google account you can just save the blog to your favorites and check back whenever you like. But I think everyone should have a Google account, Google is basically...... everything the internet has to offer. Just think, all those times you hear people say "Google it!".

1 comment:

Robert said...

I really liked you video on the folding stick chair. I made one from scrap black walnut i had and it came out awesome! Only took a few hours!