Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Ultimate Shop Stool

Check out this easy to build shop stool!  Not only is it a great place to sit in the woodworking shop but it also can serve as an extra hand for great outfeed support.

These plans used to be free but now they charge for them!  How silly?!?! I'm so sorry everyone but maybe I can get another video out describing the dimensions and things in more detail? click here to go to American Woodworker's page on it.


Villa Costo Mucho said...

Dude, I love the way you explain stuff, and you have some really cool designs.

I am so tired of watching TV shows where they don't actually do anything, and it's a pleasure to actually see somebody build something...

Great work!!

Trip said...

Aw thanks a lot Mark! I'm glad I'm easy for you to follow. I try to lay out the steps and everything as simply as possible, I'm just an average woodworking myself so I feel like I understand how people want the basics clearly laid out and that's what I try to do in my videos.
I know what you mean about the TV shows where you're like, "But how did you DO that?"
Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy my future work!

hookamug maker said...

Great Video, Very easy instructions to follow.
Most importantly it looks fun to buid, as with all of your video's

Trip said...

Thanks Pete! It was fun to build and it's getting a decent amount of use in the shop since. Glad you like it and my other videos, greatly appreciate the comment!

Steve from Australia said...

Hi Trip, I tried to follow the link to the plan but it keeps saying service not available. Is there some other way to obtain the plans? Great project and explanation by the way. Thanks fr uploading your vids!

Regards, Steve.

Trip said...

Steve, it looks like they recently took the free plans off and now charge for them! How silly right? Well I put the new link in the blog for it in case. Maybe I could go back through with another short video describing each and every peice so people wouldn't need the plans. Surely I couldn't get in trouble right?

jr. said...

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Xhakeira said...

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regnel smith said...

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Joseph Joe said...

This Project appeared in American Woodworker Magazine issue # 117. Coupled with this wonderful video any newbie woodworker should be able to build it. Thank you very much for your video, very well made

John Peter said...

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The way this piece is designed trurly makes it very easy to build and also has great style. I would personally also add to it to give it some more functions, but hey that's my opinion:)
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