Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simple Router Dado Jig Video

It seems I was in need of a dado jig for my router for some upcoming projects, so I decided to put one together and share it with other woodworkers.  I hope you enjoy my short and to the point video!


Scott said...

Long time follower, first time commenter. This looks like a great jig, Trip! Where did you score the sweet shop apron? I like it more than most I have seen.

Thanks, Scott

MalAct said...

I like the design. Unfortunately I only have routers with a round side and one flat side. I think I will experiment and try with one side of the jig reserved for the square side and the other for the round. A bit less flexibility but I hope it will work.

DennisseTiu said...

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Louisse said...

it was a perfect teaching.. thanks for sharing

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mariella said...

thanks for this Simple Router Dado Jig Video, it's very helpful
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Shakirah said...

can i use any kind of wood in making this? because im planning to make this in our home

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