Sunday, July 12, 2009

Assembling my Grizzly 1023SL

Saturday I was unable to get away to the shop but I made it Sunday morning with high hopes about getting my new table saw put together. Overall the assembly was pretty easy and straight forward, and I have it all together except for the blade guard witch I may or may not put on later.

Although, I didn't have the resources or the time to get power to the saw so I never got the chance to cut anything with it. That will be my assignment first thing in the morning though. The saw is 220v so I can't just plug it up to a regular socket. Luckily I do have 220 in my shop but the plug isn't really close to the saw and it looks like I will need to purchase about 16' of the appropriate cord to get it ran. I also have to buy a plug because the saw doesn't come with one since there are various 220 plug arrangements. This shouldn't be a problem but it just means another trip to Lowe's. Can't complain about that because when you are setting up a shop it seems like there is ALWAYS something else you need.

I even went to Lowe's today in search of some wiring things to get the saw running but when I arrived it seems that I didn't do enough research back at my shop to see just exactly what I needed to get the saw running. I did however pick up three sheets of 3/4" birch plywood to build a nice outfeed table out of though. That will be the first thing I build using the new table saw, I can't wait.

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