Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shop Vac as a dust collector.

Currenty in my ever evolving shop I am using a 12 gallon shop vac as my only means of dust collection. It works on some machines pretty well: my sander, miter saw, Kreg Jig, and router table. I can't hook it up to my table saw yet or my skil saw which I have been using to rip panels of MDF the past couple of days (which is working pretty well!).

I can't hook it up to my table saw because the dust port is larger than the hose on the vac, probably 4" when the hose is probably 2 1/2"-3". I checked at my local Lowe's but I was unable to find a converter that would work. I haven't really tried to hard to jerry-rig some sort of setup. My Dewalt skill saw just doesn't have anywhere to attatch a vaccuumm hose.

A bigger problem is the fact that the filter on the shop vac gets clogged and the vacuum's suction power deminishes. I have been looking online at the Onieda Dust Deputy system. Basically it's a 5 gallon bucket with a funnel on top that removes the particles and suposedly most of the dust that clogs up the filter.

The Dust Deputy

I have read reviews online and people have given the Dust Deputy pretty good remarks, so I guess I will give it a try. If it works it should be worth the money!

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Anonymous said...

To reduce the hose to hook to your table saw just go to any hardware store such as Coles or Home Depot and buy a rubber reducer. Be sure to buy the rubber one. It should be with the pvc pipe. The rubber will allow it to flex and since it is installed with hose clamps you may be able to clamp it down to fit an even smaller vacuum hose. If you find it wont get tight enough just wrap the hose with duct tape a few times to build the outside diameter. -Good Luck!- sincerely -Freeman's Woodworking-