Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starting some Adirondack Chairs for a wedding gift.

My sister is getting married in one month and I have decided to build a pair of Adirondack chairs to give to her and her fiance. I have never built any before but they look easy enough, can't be to hard!

I hear of people building and selling the Adirondack chairs. I wouldn't mind selling a few if I could make a decent profit on them but I will have to find somewhere to sell them. This weekend my girlfriend and I went to the local flea market and there were some nice Adirondack chairs there that were selling for $75 for the most basic single design. They were all completely unfinished and would need some sort of finishing before they could be sat outside in the weather.

Sounds like if I primed and painted them I could sell them for at least $150 each. It doesn't take alot of materials to build one and shouldn't take to much time, especially when you could get a system going and good pattern.

We will see.....

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