Thursday, July 23, 2009

Had a Break-In

This past Tuesday when I arrived at my shop I realized it had been broken into in the night. The burglar broke a set of aluminum double doors on the side of my shop and stole about $600 worth of tools out of my shop.

They stole
-Senco Framing Nailer
-Senco Brad Nailer
-Bostitch Roofing Gun
-Dewalt RO Sander
-Dewalt 14.4v Cordless Drill
-Case of Kreg Pockethole Screws
-Face mask Respirator

I was so disapointed when I realized what was stolen. I hadn't gotten my insurance finalized yet so none of the items stolen where re-inbursed. Not much I can do about it now except hope that the police find my tools or that I find them in a local pawn shop. Now I am getting insurance as soon as I can!


dzin said...

Sorry about your losses.

Alexander Landrum said...
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Alexander Landrum said...

I'm sorry to hear that quite many valuable items were taken from your store. This is the kind of incident that can be a harsh wake-up call for us to take our security arrangements seriously. I hope this has prompted you to ensure better security measures for your store, such as installing a camera surveillance system and an alarm system.

Access Security Corporation