Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love the water!

Water is big part of my life, from sailing to freediving to drinking it every day.

I became a certified SCUBA diver about two years ago and it has been a great hobby. My dive buddies and I have dove in the Gulf of Mexico many times in about 80' of water. We have seen alot of really neat things that most people never have to opportunity to see in person. One time we saw a live shark! It was swimming around are boat as we were preparing to dive the wreck we were anchored at. One of my friends spotted the shark and I immediately dawned my mask and dove in to get a closer look. It wasn't a large shark, probably 3-4 feet but it was still a shark.

A little over a year ago I bought a 29' sailboat that stays in the water in the Panama City, Florida. During the summer you can find me down there nearly every weekend enjoying the wind and water life. On the boat, SCUBA gear can be awkward so I have taken up freediving.

The freediving I do is pretty much snorkeling, but I train so that I can hold my breathe longer than a normal person underwater. I also have a pair of large fins tat are for freediving and allow you to propel yourself underwater with a lot more power than a pair of smaller "normal" fins.

The water is great and I can't wait until warmer weather comes so I can jump in!

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