Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm a bit of a capenter.

If I had to pick one skill to describer myself, I would probably say carpentry.

I have been around carpentry all of my life. My mother started a roof truss manufacturing company when I was born and I have worked there four summers and periodically throughout my life (today actually). Now I work there whenever help is needed.

I have also worked for a construction company for three summers and a little more, this is where I learned most of my house carpentry skills. I learned alot of things from the owner, who is my first cousin. He has taught me alot of valuable skills which will benefit me throughout my life, I have no doubt.

I have dabbled a little with furniture making also. I started designing and building furniture out of antique heart pine by hand about a year ago. I built a few beautiful pieces, but the business never really took off.

My latest carpentry project is a plywood sailing dinghy that I am building. It has been great fun so far and building a boat is a lot different than building a house. I plan on using the dinghy as a tender for my Watkins 29 sailboat that is slipped (docked) in Panama City, Florida.

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